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Quality Discount Jewelry – Is that Possible in NYC?

Do you live in New York City? Do you enjoy access to all the wonderful fashions that this magnificent city has to offer? Of course you do! But, especially in this economy, keeping up with the crowd can be very expensive. But, thanks to Telco Department Store, you don’t need to worry anymore!

When I first walked into the Telco store in Bensonhurst, I couldn’t believe the selection or prices, and I’ve been a loyal shopper ever since. I bought a great little golden bracelet for my wife that she’s worn every day since. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait to check it out. Now I bet you’re wondering just how Telco can afford such great deals? Well, I certainly don’t know, but I’m more than glad they can! Their motto, “Your Place To Save!” is absolutely true.

Telco is a quickly-growing chain native to the New York area. Founded in 1972, it now has a number of stores in Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. And with the type of deals they have, it’s no wonder. Telco carries exquisite brands like DKNY and Kenneth Cole, all up to 70% off the price you’d find in other stores!

While you can get just about anything you need at Telco Department Stores, right now let’s talk about the amazing deals on jewelry. Gold, silver, bangles, pendants, even other accessories like perfume and makeup, all at a fantastic price. Ladies, know that you’ll be getting the same quality merchandise as models and stars buying in downtown Manhattan. And guys, just think how amazed she’ll be when she opens that beautiful necklace, and how happy you’ll be that you didn’t have to break the bank for it!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I do love a good bargain, and those are getting awful hard to come by here in New York. So with the cost of living on the up and up, wouldn’t you just love to be able to enjoy the fruits of modern life while wearing glamorous jewelry and flashy new clothes? I know my family and I do, which is why we visit our local store for all of our fashion needs, and I think you’ll love it just like we do. After all, what do you have to lose by just stopping in? I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

So, how can you get in on these awesome deals and these quality products? Well, you can visit the Telco Website by clicking on this link. You can also visit any of their convenient locations in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. Also remember to Like Telco Department Store on Facebook to get five dollars off your next purchase.



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Telco Stores – Where Have You Been All My Life?


The Telco clothing store found on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York is the discount shopper’s dream! Telco has something for everyone, whether shopping for men’s, women’s, or kids’ clothing, shoes, handbags, bed and bath items, appliances, housewares, and more. The store features discount prices ideal for “the typical Brooklyn family” or anyone who wants quality goods at reasonable rates.

Browse the Telco clothing store’s first floor for clothing items, including name brands such as DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, American Rag, Rocawear, and Jones NY. While the store offers a wide range of designer brands, the clothing is available at discounts up to 70 percent. If designer labels aren’t your thing, browse the store for more unusual or funky clothing items only available at Telco. In addition to their wide selection of everyday wear items, Telco is an inexpensive store to shop for quality workout clothes or undergarments. Check out their lingerie department for sexy underwear sets and slips, including Victoria’s Secret items, or fuzzy, super-plush pajamas and bath robes.

If you’re just looking to accessorize, the Telco clothing store provides a range of footwear and jewelry options. Browse their selection of costume jewelry or more delicate pieces depending on what you’re in the mood for, or what outfit you’re looking to add to. Footwear options include cute flats, practical yet flattering boots, running sneakers, and rain boots. Other accessories offered at Telco include beautiful clutches and “everyday” handbags, makeup, makeup tools, sunglasses, and perfume.

Clothing for men, women, and children is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of what Telco has to offer. Check out their upstairs for bath and home decor products, including ultra-chic bedroom sets, plush towels, carpets, pillows, sheets, and other bath items such as wall mirrors and shower curtains. The Telco store top floor also features many “as seen on TV” items, including those relating to house and cookware. Appliances, electronics, and luggage round out the upstairs selections.

Besides offering quality products for discount prices, Brooklyn’s Telco store provides friendly customer service that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask a Telco employee to guide you to the bin that holds Victoria’s Secret panties for $.49 cents a pair or cute wedge sandals for a mere $5 per pair. Fans of Telco also note that lines are rarely long despite the fact that the store is usually bustling with people looking for their next great deal.

Take pride in knowing you are shopping at a family-owned store that has been in business since 1972. In addition to the 18th Avenue location, the Telco department stores are found in three other areas of Brooklyn, including Williamsburg, three locations in Queens, and two in Staten Island. Truly an “everything” store, Telco is perfect for the modern family looking to economize without sacrificing quality. One visit to Telco inevitably begs the question “Telco–where have you been all my life?”

Contact Telco with any questions or comments you may have.


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Finding a Great Discount Store in NYC Isn’t that Hard!

Being on a budget does not necessarily mean that you have to give up quality. One of the big problems with being limited financially is the lack of products that are both good and affordable at the same time. For the most part, those with little money will have to choose between one or the other. Telco is a very popular discount store in NYC that can help to solve this problem. They offer quality merchandise in a wide enough variety to suit every taste. Telco stores are easy to find, with four locations in Brooklyn, two in Staten Island and two in Queens.

Telco Discount Stores in NYC has all the brand names you want. Stocking products made by designers from DKNY to Kenneth Cole, Telco provides fashion lovers with the prestigious brands they want. Yes, you may be restricted financially, but thanks to Telco Stores, you do not have to dress like you are. Telco even has a lingerie department, also stocking designer items. The low prices are not limited just to clothing, either. Telco Discount Stores in NYC sells a range of household merchandise, including items for the bedroom and bathroom, and products for your kitchen.

Quality cookware can make perfect gifts for newlyweds or for a housewarming, or may simply be something that the home chef wants just for themselves. Good cookware is usually very expensive, in some cases running into the hundreds of dollars for a single set of pots, but not at Telco. Serious cooks will be able to find all the brand name cookware they need in one location and for a lot less than at other New York discount stores.

The household goods section is not limited to just cookware. The Telco Discount Stores in NYC are also filled with bed linens, including the best brand name items, and products for your bathroom like towels, decorations and toiletries. Shoppers can decorate their home stylishly without having to go broke to do it.

In addition to the fact that customers can regularly get their designer clothes and goods for their home at low prices, Telco also provides discounts and coupons. Shoppers are able to get their goods at costs that may be as much as 70 percent less than what they would have paid at another department store chain, literally pennies on the dollar in some cases.

Shoppers love Telco. The store’s massive inventory and supply of clothes, jewelry, accessories constantly gets rave reviews. The options for combining items to suit your taste are almost unlimited.

The customer service at Telco Discount Stores in NYC is another area that is much loved by shoppers with the Telco staff getting much praise for their helpfulness.

If you want the finest brand names and are on a limited budget, your options will be slim. You could burden yourself with debt or spend a lot of time hunting through bargain bins, or you could just come to Telco Discount stores in NYC.





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Discount Home Furnishings, Towels, Kitchen Items in NYC

The Telco is a popular discount store in NYC that presents excellent products at highly affordable prices. The first Telco store opened doors in 1972 to maintain its quality and affordability ever since. This store presents the products of various important brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and Jones NY. At the same time, these products are available with discounts of up to 70 percent.

Telco offers various kinds of additional coupons and promotions for the convenience of the clients. One of the simplest ways to receive a Telco discount is to become a fan of the stores on Facebook. You will benefit from a range of departments, including women, juniors, men, footwear and accessories, lingerie, jewelry, appliances, bed and bath, housewares, cookware, luggage and electronics.

Most customers are exceptionally happy with the diversity and range of products available for purchase. The store is big and well-organized, located conveniently at a busy New York City location. These facts come together to make Telco a truly popular discount store in NYC.

As a customer, you will also be satisfied with the level of service and attention that you will receive at Telco. The assistants are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, directing you to the most appropriate brands and products for your needs.

Diversity and abundance characterize this discount store NYC. You will find products ranging from some of the most popular brands in the fashion world to some unusually funky and original items that cannot be discovered anywhere else. Many people feel unhappy with the inflated prices in most popular stores. Telco deals with this problem, offering designer items at highly affordable prices.

Apart from the wide range of clothes and accessories, Telco features a beautiful home section where you will find everything needed to make your home prettier, more comfortable and more contemporary. You will discover great items ranging from bed sheets to kitchen equipment. Many ladies will find tablecloths, sheets, linens and towels at a bargain.

Telco is a discount store in NYC that is great for a family visit. Everybody will discover something appropriate, even if the family shopping budget is a limited one.

The Telco website gets updated frequently, providing information about the latest discounts and coupons available for the needs of customers looking for a bargain. The Telco blog is full of intriguing information and useful tips for everybody looking for a great discount store NYC.

Overall, Telco is a highly popular and convenient option for everyone looking for great items on a budget. The store features popular brands and a wide range of products for men, women and children. If you are looking for a place in New York that will address all of your shopping needs, you should definitely give Telco a chance.

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Get Up To 70% Off Department Stores Prices at Telco!

Telco is a family-owned discount store in New York City. Established in Bensonhurst in 1972, Telco offers its customers terrific value along with superior customer service. Located in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Telco provides shoppers merchandise to meet any budget.

Offering a wide selection of brand name products at one fourth the cost of department stores, the Telco inventory includes men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags and footwear, bed and bath products, appliances, housewares, cookware, luggage and electronics. It is truly a one stop shopping spot.

Today’s generation of shoppers are looking for new ways to get the right fashion styles at the best prices. By combining a variety of design elements like patterns, colors and textures, they are able to create an eclectic style reminiscent of the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. But more than anything, in the present economic times, they’re looking to build a wardrobe and a household with stylish items that are easy on the pocketbook.

Telco Clothing Stores offer smart shoppers the opportunity dress and furnish their homes fashionably at a fraction of retail costs. For instance, customers are able to purchase a typical $100 brand name outfit at a discounted price between 70 and 90 percent lower than what they would pay at a department store. Brand name linens, sheets and towels are also available at significantly reduced prices. The price tag on Telco shoes, handbags and jewelry are typically half what you find at any other retail store.

According to customers, “The Bensonhurst Telco Clothing Store is filled with cute dresses, workout outfits, shoes and every other type of clothing at great savings.” Shoppers are more than satisfied with “the decent household goods section for blinds, bathroom rugs, towels and accessories and the like.”

Some people suggest that “Telco is very big and busy discount store” and that it “has a great variety of cheap everyday items.”

Others are happy with the atmosphere at Telco stating, “Oh how I love Telco…it’s affordable, fashionable, name brand, and has something for everybody. I swear, whenever i feel low i just pop right in a Telco to shop.”

Described as a four star discount store, customers are happy with the endless inventory available at Telco. Some have even referred to it as “God’s gift to shopping” and that “nowhere else in Brooklyn can you find genuine significantly discounted designer clothes for pennies on the dollar.” They also like the constantly rotating selection of merchandise at ridiculously discounted prices.

Telco Clothing Stores are a convenient place to shop in New York City, save you money and have excellent products and customer service. Take advantage of the gains of switching from a retail shopping to discount shopping and you will find yourself with a much fuller wallet.

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Small Kitchen Appliances Are Resourceful Housewarming Gifts – Get Them at Telco

The Discount Store NYC’s Shoppers can Trust

If you’re looking for small appliances for your kitchen and you’re on a budget, Telco can offer some of the best discounts with quality products. Telco carries products meeting every New York shopper’s needs from clothing, bed and bath accessories and, of course, kitchenware. There are many appliances needed for a home and small appliances in the kitchen are no exception, which is why Telco can supply these at low prices most furnishing homeowners can afford.

Finding good deals on supplies for the home can be difficult, but with a constant offering of coupons, Telco is a store dedicated to discounts that come with high quality products and service. In these tough times there is no room for spending more than any shopper should have to on his or her home. A store catering to the discount shopper is what you need in order to truly benefit from possible savings. Kitchen appliances, simply small ones, can cost you a lot more than what you need to be spending. At Telco, these items can still carry the best brands but at much cheaper prices, depending on the discount rates, often from 70-90% off the typical retail price. These Telco stores, located in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens, should offer city shoppers some of the best deals anywhere. The Discount Store NYC accommodates is Telco for a reason. You don’t need to go for generic brands if you want the most trendy, as you can find these products at Telco stores with discounts that counter other department stores.

If you look at any other store for your shopping needs in New York, you’ll be hard pressed to find the deals and offers Telco can give you. Not only are the products of equal or greater quality than other department stores, but the service provided by store staff is no less, either. Staff members can help you find the appliances you need for your kitchen at the best deals possible while still assuring you’ll get the very same products you set out to get. Tremendously discounted prices does not mean you’ll get any deterrent from what you want.

Unlike most retail outlets providing the same services, Telco provides everything you need in a Discount Store NYC should have at the best prices possible. Shopping for cookware in the kitchen shouldn’t be a task that requires searching around for the best prices. Telco guarantees the best discounts on all kitchen appliances of other department stores in the NYC area. Usually department stores charge more for the convenience of having multiple kinds of accessories in one locale, but at Telco this kind of ease of purchasing doesn’t cost extra.

Don’t settle for a department store that can sell you kitchenware and other items for more than they should ever have to be. Telco can give you the best quality items for much cheaper, recession-accommodating prices, and is the Discount Store NYC shoppers should consider.

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Buy Name Brand Lingerie in NYC – At 70% Under Department Store Prices!

Name brand lingerie looks stunning on you, especially if you’re trying to impress that special someone. But, name brand intimate apparel comes with a price, or does it? At Telco Stores, you can purchase top names at 70% less than department store prices.

This discount store in NYC provides you with everything you need besides the candlelight dinner for you to have a romantic night. Telco Stores offers an ever-changing selection of sexy black bustiers, red lace panties and silky baby doll nighties. The store even carries a selection of matching bra and panties sets, so you don’t have to do the hard working of making sure your undergarments match.

Shopping for lingerie doesn’t always need to serve the purpose of romance. Maybe, you’re looking for a more functional piece of intimate apparel. For instance, if you’re shopping for a bra with maximum support, such as a push up bra, which provides ample support and gives you the appearance of more cleavage, there’s probably one at this discount store in NYC. Even a small-chested woman can benefit from one of these.

You might need a bra specifically for a low cut shirt. You obviously can’t go braless, so you’ll need to look for a bra like a demi-bra. This piece of lingerie is a brassiere with only coverage for the bottom half of the breasts. Since it leaves half of the breasts exposed, it is made extra supportive.

If you’re shopping for a pair of panties that can wear with your new skirt, you can find a brand name pair in this discount store in NYC. With a selection of different types of underwear, such as bikinis, briefs and even some pairs that are a little more risqué, you can find whatever you’re looking for and at a price far cheaper than what the department stores are charging.

Another more practical piece of linger is a slip. A slip goes underneath your clothing to reduce the ability to see through your outfit. Many skirts are made with thin material that clings tight to the body. This can cause the unwanted situation of others being able to see what color or type of underwear you’re wearing, hence the need for a slip.

Besides lingerie designed to create a sexy look or items that serve a purpose, some lingerie is made to be comfy and Telco Stores keep this type in supply, as well. Items in this category range from pink fluffy slippers to a large fleece robe to a camisole meant to be paired with shorts. When you shop at this discount store in NYC, you can find lingerie like matching pajama sets and loungewear.

Whether you want comfy, seductive or practical, you can discover the apparel to meet your needs  at prices you can afford.

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Where To Go For Designer Handbags and Discount Shopping in NYC

A popular New Years Resolution is to save money or to be better at budgeting. But this is very hard to do when you have a priority to keep your wardrobe fresh and current. Perhaps you need to look great every day for your job and social life, but maybe you’re not sure how you can do so without the funds you usually would attribute to these tasks.

But with Telco your woes are over!

Come to Telco Discount Stores located in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island where you can get the best deals in signature handbags and shoes that every woman wants to have. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amount of money for fashionable handbags and other apparels and giftable items made by famous designers.

At every Telco Discount Store, you can find the best selection of handbags from such signature brands as Bebe, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Apple Bottom, Burberry,Jones NY,  XOXO, Beverly Hills Polo Clubs and more! The best part of it is that you get those high quality signature products for so much less than what you would normally pay for them if you buy them in the malls or at signature shops.

With the present economy, and considering the high cost of living in New York, you need to learn how to be a smart shopper so you can get the best value for your money and stretch every dollar in your pocket. Why spend all your hard-earned money going to an expensive store when you have an alternative place to go?

Telco Discount Stores in NYC also offer a wide range of products like lingerie, jewelry and accessories, towels and other bath items, kitchenwares, and clothing for everyone. Visit the Telco website at  and signup with your email address so you can get a $5 off your next purchase. All these could give you an additional spending money for your next shopping trip.

Telco is always getting in new shipments of designer handbags and clothing, so check in often to see what is new on our shelves! Going to a Telco Discount Store nearest you is the wisest shopping decision you could ever make this year. Start 2012 the right way to meet your budgeting goals!

If you live in Brooklyn, you can visit a Telco Discount Store in Bensonhurst, Canarsie, Gravesend and Williamsburg.You can also shop at any of the three branches of Telco Discount Store in Queens, particularly located in Glendale, Jamaica and Ridgewood or the two branches in Staten Island  located in New Dorp. and Port Richmond.

So what are you waiting for?

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Five Benefits of Getting Your Basics at a New York City Discount Store

New York City discount stores are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. There are a whole lot of benefits to shopping at them, specifically for buying your basic clothing and household items. If you're still doing your shopping at a more expensive chain store or department store, and you live in the Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens areas, it may finally be time to switch over to shopping at Telco discount stores.

As it stands right now, if you aren't utilizing discount stores, then you're missing out on a wide variety of advantages. Here are five of the potential benefits to be gained by simply switching over to discount store shopping.

Discount stores save you money! This is perhaps the most attractive benefit to shopping at discount stores in NYC, and it really can't be understated. The fact is, the economy is in a rough place, and if you're like a whole lot of Americans, you just can't afford to wait around and waste money any longer. The sooner you switch over to discount store shopping, the sooner you'll see that extra money start piling up.

They're convenient! Telco discount stores in Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, offer the convenience of all your needs in one store. Normally, you'd have to pay extra for that kind of convenience, which is one of the reasons department stores tend to be so expensive. At discount stores, you get all that same convenience, without any of the extra money.

Excellent product lines. Many people think they'll have to sacrifice on the brand name merchandise if they switch to discount stores, and that just isn't true. The truth of the matter is that you won't be missing out on anything! Most brands that you'd be able to find at a department store, you'll likely find in these discount stores too, and for up to 70% cheaper.

You won't find better customer service anywhere. Big chain and department stores tend to come with pretty stressful environments for some of their employees. In the more relaxed work environment of Telco, it's not a problem you'll ever experience. Part of the benefits of working for a family-owned company are that Telco employees are friendly, relaxed, and ready to help.

You've got nothing to lose! The fact is you won't be missing anything about those big chain type stores if you make the switch over to discount shopping. Discount stores in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island offer everything you could possibly hope to get from your shopping experience, so you've got lots to gain, and nothing to lose.

Hopefully, now you understand a bit better what you can gain from switching to discount store shopping. If it sounds good to you, then don't hesitate any longer. Make the move now, and start enjoying all of these excellent benefits.

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Discount Store Essentials Can Accentuate Your Wardrobe for Less

In our generation, men and women are now experimenting on different ways to have the right style that suits their looks. People are becoming fearless in mixing and matching various elements of design which includes, color, line, textures and patterns. Most of our inspiration for fashion may come from the celebrities we look up to. One may love Lady Gaga’s eclectic style or Katy Perry’s color blocking taste. Some people reinvent the fashion statements of the early 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Whatever differences we New Yorkers have on our preferences, it all boils down to the concern of achieving these without draining our finances by finding a discount store in Staten Island, Queens, or Brooklyn.

Paying the Price

In the past years, to obtain the best quality of garment and textile, one has to pay the price. Established clothesline brands such as Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, and many other well-known companies had been on top of the line due to their clothes’ elegance combined with quality and durability. But today, new manufacturing practices and free trade has created a huge influence on the availability of good quality pieces for your wardrobe at very affordable prices. Considering the recession that the whole world is experiencing, many clothing companies would rather have low profits by reducing their prices than to have nothing at all!

How can a Discount Store Staten Island Accentuate

So how can a discount store in Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens help to accentuate your wardrobe for less? Discount store essentials provide customers a variety of options to choose from at reasonable prices. This may include clothes or accessories that are still great bargains with very minimal alterations or damage almost unnoticeable. Aside from that, a great number of products are excess from inventories from previous collections. Discount stores also have unique single stock pieces that you cannot find in other local stores.

Discount Stores for Smart Shoppers

Discount stores are for smart shoppers who would like to look fashionable at a fraction of a cost. For instance, a $100 can get you that super nice expensive dress from a branded store. But in a discount stores, depending on their rates, could give you as much as 70% to 90% off, your $100 can buy you a minimum of 10 items. These items do not necessarily have to be clothing items. Linens such as brand name sheets and towels are sold at discount stores as are decorative items with brand names. Shoes are another hot item at a discount store Staten Island. Find your favorite pair of converse, sketchers, or Calvin Klein for half the price of what you would pay in a department store.


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